300-88-292,Ceramic Fuse kit fast/slow-blow 172 pcs, 5x20 mm, RND 170-00079, RND Components


RND 170-00079 - 

Ceramic Fuse kit fast/slow-blow 172 pcs, 5x20 mm, RND 170-00079, RND Components

RND Components RND 170-00079
RND 170-00079
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RND 170-00079技术参数

Characteristic (time/current) fast/slow-blow
Quantity 172 pcs
Size 5x20 mm

RND 170-00079产品信息

Content 5x20 mm 10 Pieces Each Nominal
2x 23 mm Pitch 5X20 mm F/Holder, Black
2x 5X20 PC Fuse Holder with Kink Pin
2x 5X20 CFH02 Cover
4x 5X20 F Holder Vert PC MTG
2x 5X20 F Holder Horz PC MTG
1x 22xCompartmental Enclosure
1x Laminated internal label: Matrix of product
Values 500 mA, 1.0 A, 2.0 A, 3.15 A, 4.0 A, 5.0 A, 6.3 A, 10 A

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RND 170-00079Family Information

RND is aiming at providing easy solutions for maintenance and design engineers. With the RND kits, you have a selection of the most common RND products always at hand. It comes in a practical storage box so your parts can always be where you need them. If you need a refill, you can find the article information in the product overview matrix on the inner part of the box lid

  • Nickel plated brass end caps
  • Sand filled

RND 170-00079产地与重量

Country of origin China (CN)
Manufacturer RND Components
Gross weight (incl. package) 500.0 Gram
Dimensions (incl. package) 325 x 255 x 52 MM
Customs number 8536101090
UNSPSC (v5.03) 30212007
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